I’ve heard from my special education students again and again over the years about the twists and turns of navigating confusing social and learning challenges. The elementary and middle-school social landscape can cause bumps, bruises, and a lot of joy as students learn who they inside and out. A little present-moment awareness, sprinkled with loving-kindness, can bring about surprisingly joyful results within a classroom and school community.

I have a couple of sequential stories for readers, ages seven through nine, under construction that take my characters through personal challenges at home, with friends, and in the classroom with reading and math.  Some situations jump the tracks like a run-away train. Feelings get hurt. Beloved items are forever altered or go missing and innocent characters are blamed. There is even a little STEAM, some baseball bat swings, a little bird family, along with the challenges of gluten and lactose intolerances. Themes of mindfulness, acceptance, collaboration, gratitude and forgiveness lead to unexpected friendships.

A number of my classroom students have become mindfulness practitioners. I am forever grateful for my kind and caring group of fearless learners. 

Please stay tuned and submit your first name and email address if you would like to hear more about my once and future books.

Diana Psyras