We Can Be a Mirror for Goodness

What we practice, grows stronger. How much open-hearted appreciation do we give to others?

“Hey, I see you and appreciate how you continue to show up for me!”

What do you love about someone?  Take a moment and remind yourself. I’m sure they would love if you shared what you appreciate about them. Mirroring someone’s goodness also lets them know that you see them. My meditation teacher, Tara Brach recalls a quote by Arne Garborg

“To love someone is to learn the song in their heart and sing it to them when they have forgotten.”

Reflect on the goodness in others. Let them know…Seeing goodness heals others. Sensing their deep light and goodness is a wonderful gift. Here’s a brief meditation practice based on Tara Brach’s recent Radical Compassion Challenge.

Sit comfortably. Take a full few breaths. Relaxing throughout the body.

Smile softly.

Feel the smile spread through your chest and through your whole body.

Bring to mind someone who is dear to you. 

Remind yourself of what you love about this person. How they behave when they’re loving you. Imagine them when they are feeling a sense of wonder.

Feel a sense of Namaste or sense how the light in you sees the light in them.

Imagine letting them know what you appreciate about them.  Taking that in as embodied and heart-felt. Feel a mutual hug.

Sense the connection, the intimacy that rises up.

Be held and rest in this space.

May you feel and mirror the care throughout your day.

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