Social Emotional Learning Kidlit: Picture Books

School Library Journal Contributor, Katherine Rao, recommends some terrific picture book reads for our kids. (Excerpt: January 14, 2021 article)

Children experience all types of stressors, and books can provide therapeutic support. Social emotional titles focus on the five principles of social emotional learning: social awareness, self-awareness, self-management, responsible decision making, and relationship skills. Libraries that curate a collection that builds these skills will encourage and supplement children’s academic potential, interpersonal relationships, and mental health.

The following titles emphasize social emotional core values that are important for healthy childhood development. The picture books center on identifying emotions, healthy methods of dealing with negative feelings, and self-acceptance.

Picture Books

 Derrick BARNES, I Am Every Good Thing (PreS-Gr 3).

Gaia CORNWALL,  Jabari Tries (Gr 2-4)

Anna LLENAS, A The Color Monster: A Story About Emotions (PreS-Gr 3).

Tom PERCIVAL,  Ruby Finds a Worry (PreS-Gr 1)

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