Distance Learning Tips

www.Understood.org is one of my favorite Websites for supports and advice for parents of students with special needs. The website has some excellent tips for distance learning.

1. Create a learning space for your child (quiet & clutter-free).

2. Make a “school time schedule” and stick to it. Build in parent support time & exercise (brain break) time.

3. Reduce distractions: block all electronic distractions on your child’s  computer or iPad. Download assignments & then turn off wifi.

4. Use a calendar & mark due dates. Plan backwards, breaking assignments into daily chunks and steps needed to complete it.

5. Exercise right before sitting down to work on assignments. Schedule breaks to match your child’s attention span.

6. Use assistive technology: speech-to-text (supports readers) & text-to-speech (supports writers).

7. Set up a line of communication with your child’s teacher: email, text,  or video conferencing.

8. Request supports to remove learning barriers from your child’s  teachers:  Support for struggling readers, demonstrating understanding using video versus written responses, & support for getting organized, understanding the main idea, & getting organized. 

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